World come into darkness, all light source is disappear, except one which is have by a kid. The kid want to share their light to around world.

Hell Rider

A motocross rider was trapped in erupted mountain. Player who play as a angle who want to help him escape from mountain. But, the angle only have ability to create limited road.


A simple vector drawer application like paint. It can draw several object like :


A simple image processing application. It have several feature, there are :


Yabo who has lose their family because flood. The flood is caused by a pile of garbage. Therefore, Yabo want to prevent flooding occurs by clean the garbage in the sewer.


Command line based solitaire game.

Finding Artifacts

Mulya is a boy who live in 3000. He want back to the past using his time machine after hear a story about lost local language from their uncle. He want to bring back it to the future. But, when he back to the past, he must face with demons that want to destroy artifact […]

Game Anak Sholeh

Education game for muslim kids that tell about adventure Ali and Muza that looking for a card of kindness.