Agreement Stuffed By The Sound Of It

isjhar . 10 September 2021 . 0 comments

Below are the possible answers for crossword chord, by the sound of ?. Tri-Ergon used a special form of microphone without mechanically moving parts (catodophones) for sound recording and a special electric discharge tube for variable density film images. For sound playback, the system used an electrostatic speaker. Meanwhile, after having spared itself on the whole theme of sound films, the Ufa was still facing serious financial difficulties with extremely expensive silent film productions, accompanied by a live symphony orchestra that played a specially composed score, such as F. W. Murnaus The Last Man (1924), with Emilning Jans and Faust (film 1926); and Fritz Langs` two parts Les Nibelungen, with a score by Gottfried Huppertz. Meanwhile, Ufa and Klangfilm also provided for a separate contract in 1929 to develop their own production of sound films.