Seiu 668 Tentative Agreement

isjhar . 12 April 2021 . 0 comments

BEAVER — The largest unions representing Beaver County government employees will vote Monday on an interim employment contract. The agreement expires on December 31, 2020. Landkreis had originally proposed a three-year contract, which the unions had opposed during lunch breaks in April. The agreement, which includes five separate increases of a total of 11.75 per cent through the end of the 2018-19 fiscal year, brings the average salary of a SEIU member from $49,502 last year to $55,591 until the end of the contract. In the coming days, SEIU 668 members will receive detailed information on the agreement and vote on whether to ratify the treaty. The Local will not publish the details of this agreement until our members have been fully informed. If the trade union community were to give its consent, the agreement would be voted on by the commissioners next week. The leaders of the Service Employees International Union Local 668 signed the three-year contract and the Memorandum of Understanding, which was born out of an interim agreement reached at the end of the summer of last year, as the union announced on Friday. The county`s chief lawyer, Garen Fedeles, said the unions reached a two-year tentative agreement Wednesday. He did not give details, as not all union members have yet to review the package. Three unions are still in negotiations with the county. A fourth human services staff representative agreed.

There are 13 other minor bargaining units that had contracts that expired on June 30 and are still working on a preliminary agreement with Governor Tom Wolf`s government. The Service Workers` Union (SEIU) Local 668, which represents mainly social service employees, has just concluded an interim contract. Similarly, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 13, the largest union representing public service employees, and U.S. Food and Health Workers (UFCW), which represent employees of state-owned spirits companies, have fully ratified agreements that also distribute fair rights of action. This news is a follow-up to last week`s announcement that members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 13, the largest government employee unions, representing approximately 33,500 employees, and the United Food and Commercial International Local in 1776 have ratified their own four-year employment contracts with the community. Government union leaders recently signed a multi-year contract with the Wolf administration, which provides for an 18% increase in compensation over four years. Although taxpayers are paying the price, they are still waiting to find out the costs they will bear. These seven union agreements are essential to the county`s financial future, officials said.

Last year, a state-funded analysis of the county`s finances was conducted by a Philadelphia-based company. This report identified ten priorities for the county`s long-term financial sustainability. One of these recommendations was to keep spending for the county low during negotiations with the unions. We are pleased to inform you that the SEIU Local 668 State Contract Negotiation team has entered into a preliminary agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a four-year contract. Our team has been negotiating with the Commonwealth since the spring and, at the end of last week, they voted unanimously to recommend this interim agreement for our membership. “We believe we have reached a fair agreement with the Commonwealth,” said Steve Catania, President of SEIU Local 668.