Collective Agreement Umanitoba

isjhar . 14 September 2021 . 0 comments

The PSSA – a provincial law passed in 2017 – imposed a two-year freeze on the salaries of public service employees when its existing collective agreements expired. It was declared unconstitutional last June. While the university declined a request for an interview from Global News, a spokesman said the two sides agreed in 2016 to renegotiate the salary for the fourth year of the deal in the fourth year. The Association of Higher Education and Faculties eventually ratified a four-year collective agreement that did not provide for a wage increase in the first year, followed by 0.75 percent and a one percent increase in the second and third years. “We don`t know what else to do – in a pricing situation, if your employer doesn`t move at all and doesn`t come to the table. You really don`t have any more options. “[We are] in the fourth year of a four-year contract, where there is effectively no salary, because of the PSSA [Public Services Sustainability Act] and this illegal interference in free and fair collective bargaining by the provincial government. » Read more: Preliminary agreement between the University of Manitoba and the faculty association We have put forward our best arguments, publicly protested against the bldg administrator, presented a petition with about 700 signatures to support the settlement of negotiations through neutral arbitration by third parties – but the @umanitoba remains intact. #UMFA2020 #ArbitrateNow “We are at the stage of opening up the wages of our collective agreement,” Shaw said. “We realize there`s a pandemic and we have that ability [to work from home] more than many other workers in the economy,” Shaw said. “And when you take away that academic freedom, when you put people in a precarious position, it has a really huge impact on the quality of the teaching that can take place.” “And there are places where people have job security, so they have total and fair freedom to express controversial opinions and really expand learning for students. Shaw also recently issued a letter to the Chair of the Board of Governors of Athabasca University (UA), on behalf of UMFA, in support of the Athabasca University Faculty Association (AUFA) and joined the promise to boycott the invited students.

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