Tyre Supply Agreement

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c) The customer is required to accept deliveries made earlier than those shown in the tyres. The tyres in stock can make partial deliveries and charge them separately to the customer. Partial deliveries cannot be cancelled if it turns out that the order cannot be fully delivered. At Heygates, Lobley suspects that many workshops have lost confidence or ability to mount tires. “It`s part of training our apprentices and they`re getting used to it,” he says. It is not difficult to find tire adaptation training or refresher courses for vehicle technicians. Michelin, for example, organises a series of one- to five-day courses at its Stoke-on-Trent training centre, which costs $190 per day per person. Bridgestone`s Thirsk offers a one-day refreshment course in a fleet workshop for $120. Nuneaton-based Training Company Profit from Training Partnership is setting up a three-day scratch-tire starter tire assembly course that costs $285. This offers an accredited qualification, as well as some Michelin courses. b) Prices indicated by the tyres in stock apply to delivery from the warehouse or to Tyres` place of activity at Stock B.V., unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Prices are defined as VAT and other state taxes, unless otherwise stated. Additional packaging costs, etc., are charged separately by Tyres in the B.V. 15.1 warehouse. The buyer and we strive to settle all disputes amicably. To this end, the parties undertake to resolve any dispute between them through mediation, in accordance with the latest mediation settlements of the Rotterdam-based Stichting Nederlands Mediation Instituut (Dutch Mediation Foundation). 15.2 Contracting parties jointly appoint an INMI-certified mediator in the event of a dispute on the basis of the agreement and/or the obligations arising from it. 15.3 If the mediation in paragraph 1 does not lead to a (complete) settlement of disputes between parties or if the parties fail to agree on the appointment of a common mediator in accordance with paragraph 2, the most appropriate party has the power to bring the dispute to court. The Court of the Judicial District of our residence has jurisdiction to know the (remaining) dispute. The coast-down test shows the significant reduction in rolling resistance of Goodyear`s LHT II trailer tires. Their studies will be a little easier later this year, when EU tyre labelling rules are introduced. From 1 November, the new HGV tyres (17.5 inches or more in diameter, classified in the C3 tyres legislation) will have to be divided into one class out of seven depending on rolling resistance.

He also adds that operators need sound management information when the allocation approach is really good. These include monthly audits to measure a range of criteria such as profile depths, regroove potential, compliance with adaptation policy, lack of valve caps, etc. Alsop says audits usually cost about $2 or 3 per vehicle/month. “Some operators complain about it,” he adds, “but the money is well spent. Look at it this way, if we [Vaculug] manage the tires with a PPK contract, we will not give up fleet audits.┬áNo number of fleet audits absak the operator of safety responsibility and drivers should continue to expect drivers to become involved in tire defects when controlling the whale caround. And while criticism of maintaining correct tyre pressure is often repeated advice, pressure controls should not be part of fleet audits, unless they are included in the contract, so they should not be overlooked during routine vehicle maintenance. 3.1 Our offers are non-binding. If a specified deadline is indicated in the offer, this deadline is binding only for the buyer. We have the right to revoke our offer within 2 days of receiving the acceptance.

3.2 With the exception of the retraction option mentioned in paragraph 3.1, an agreement