Insurance Agent Referral Agreement

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It is illegal for an insurer or licensed agent to pay a premium or commission discount or any other consideration or value incentive to a person or organization for the invitation or negotiation of insurance contracts, unless that person is fired. Fifth, the parties should consider the possibility of including reciprocal non-counterfeiting and non-knowledge agreements in the document in order to protect workers from invitation and to limit exposure to loss of activities to the other party after the end of the agreement. These terms of reference (“recommendation conditions”) define the legally binding conditions for the transfer of potential insurance customers to Kin Insurance, Inc. (the “company,” “we,” “our” or “our”) by you (“you” or “recommendation partners”) under the terms of this section. If you are a licensed insurance broker, please contact us for our insurance brokerage referral contract. Another risk is that the source of the recommendation may guide clients who are not well suited to the insurance agency. The Agency should review the potential source of supply to ensure that the quantity and needs of potential customers are in line with the Agency`s expectations. Despite the best efforts of both parties, it is also possible that the removal agreement is simply not working as intended. Perhaps the source of the recommendation will not be ready or able to direct the volume of clients it thought it had, or, less likely, the insurance agency will not be able to adequately meet the insurance needs of customers. 8. Compensation. Subject to the conditions set out here, Referral Partner (the “compensating party”) releases the injury obligation and defends the company and its senior executives, Directors, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and authorized beneficiaries of the assignment (“destitute party”) against all losses, damages, liabilities, defects, claims, deeds, judgments, transactions, interest, allowances, penalties, fines, expenses or expenses of any kind , including legal fees. , and the costs and expenses associated with the performance of a right to compensation in accordance with these terms of recommendation and the costs associated with the prosecution of insurance providers incurred by the unpaid party (“cumulative losses”) on a claim resulting from a violation or non-compliance with a guarantee, guarantee or contract, in accordance with the following conditions of recommendation , by the compensation party or by the personnel of the party unscathed; (b) that commissions or other payments (other than referral fees) are due to a representative, staff member or representative of the recommendation partner; (c) any non-compliance with the laws of the compensated party; (d) any violation of the terms of reference.